The Missing Link in Your Baking That No One is Talking About

Feb 05, 2021

What if I told you that there was a clear path to the challenging pastry and baking techniques you’ve always dreamed of trying?  Would you feel excited? Relieved? Or would you laugh in my face and call me a liar?  Regardless of your initial reaction and feelings, I am here, typing this, because I cracked the code to the most challenging projects that you’ve been too scared to try or have straight up failed at.   This missing link in your baking: Buildable Skills.

So, what EXACTLY is a Buildable Skill?

Buildable Skills is something I made up to help make sense of all of the baking techniques out there.

Throughout my career I was taught various techniques, usually in no particular order other than it’s what was next on the prep list.  I learned as I went, which was great, considering I was submerged in pastry 24/7.  As time went on, I started noticing connections between skills, like how easy it was to make a buttercream frosting, because I already knew how to make a meringue.  Or that pie dough is the most basic form of butter as a leavener and rough puff pastry was not much more challenging.  And what comes after rough puff pastry? Actual puff pastry.  Mastering the former makes the latter SO much easier.  I spent years of learning this stuff out of order, making some mistakes and figuring out how it all connects, so that you don’t have to.  I’m here to cut out the middleman of trial and error and give you the prerequisites to the advanced skills you wanna tackle.

Here's a sample of what the framework can look like:

The skills build on each other...Buildable Skills....makes sense, right?

Don’t play it safe, but maybe sometimes, play it safe.
Confused? What I mean is walk before you run, but don’t be afraid to try and run. Part of the fun in baking is making exciting new things and challenging yourself. If you are in this, and I mean playing the long game, Rick Astley 🎶never-gonna-give-you-up🎶, IN THIS, then learning how the basics build and connect is only going to make those pie in the sky pastry dreams that much more of a reality.

Practice, practice, practice.

Ok, I might sound like a broken record here, but practice is the only real way to master something.  Let me tell you a little story: A few years ago, I decided I was going to take up knitting. I didn’t want to bother with learning the basics, I didn’t take the time to learn any of the foundational skills.  I bought some chunky yarn and thought “how hard could it be to knit a scarf?”  My first project was a disaster, and let me say I didn’t make anything that even closely resembled a scarf.  So, if you want to knit a sweater, you might have to knit a few scarves or hats before you go big, right?.  Baking is no different.  If you want to make croissants, you might want to master a basic yeasted dough and puff pastry first.

Remember, there is a time for everything.  

There’s a time to take risks, a time to practice, and a time to play it a little safe.  Have fun with it.  Take some risks.  Practice perfecting your pie dough, or your cinnamon rolls before you move on to the hard stuff, and I promise you the hard stuff won’t be as hard.

Now that you’ve seen some of the Buildable Skills framework, I want to challenge you to think about what project you’ve always wanted to tackle, but have been too hesitant to try.  Let this be the moment that you begin to see the path to that project a little more clearly.  Think about some of the base level buildable skills I’ve touched on and start making little steps to move the needle in that direction.  Go at your own pace, remember it’s ok to make mistakes and most importantly have some fun!


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