How A Craigslist Ad Changed My Life

Early on in my career, I stumbled upon a craigslist ad for a job at The French Laundry.  I immediately applied, but thought  it was too good to be true. I mean, it was basically the holy grail of restaurant jobs and I was just an inexperienced newbie….  And guess what happened? I GOT THE JOB.  Who had two thumbs and a huge case of imposter syndrome? THIS GAL.

For two years I worked my way up at one of the best restaurants in the world, and I had my sights set on a better job at a new restaurant and was ready to climb that ladder to be at the top in my field. Nothing would stop me.  And then…. I got pregnant


My Life Is Over. Or Is It?

When I got over the “my career is over” pity party and adjusted to motherhood,  I picked myself up and got back to work in restaurants. I worked with Chef Justin Yu at Ox Heart and then hustled alongside Roy Schvartzapel at Common Bond Bakery in Houston, Texas. I then moved to Portland, Oregon where I worked as the Executive Pastry Chef at the historic Heathman Hotel restaurant Headwaters. I worked as a pastry consultant for Renata and went on to run the pastry program at Coquine alongside James Beard nominated chef Katy Millard.


Finding The Balance

Finding work-life balance in restaurants felt like finding a needle in a haystack. I realized that I needed to pave my own way to have the life I truly wanted, and that led me here.

I know what it’s like to make mistakes, especially in the kitchen, but I also know what it takes to overcome them. With over 10 years of experience, I have so much to share with you, regardless of where you are on your baking journey. So...let’s do this. Together. It’s the only way forward.